I am a family doctor with a special interest in the role of lifestyle in health and in the treatment of disease. To learn more about my practice go here. To learn more about me go here.

I have introduced a new model of medical practice, the Community Healthcare Assurance Plan, or CHAP. Please consider being a part of assuring quality healthcare for our community.  Read about it here.

My office is temporarily in Scott Valley Physical Therapy, 122 Scott River Rd, Fort Jones. Very soon we will be moving into the former Pioneer Press building located at 12021 Main Street, Fort Jones.  Please call and verify our location, it may change quickly! I am usually in the office Monday through Friday morning and Monday and Thursday afternoons.  If you have an urgent need at another time Please call.  The number is 468-4100.

My goal with this site is to provide the best information and motivation available to help you to live well.  You will find all kinds of health related information, resources, discussion forums and other content.  All this is designed to give you reliable, accurate information, and the encouragement you need to live the best life you can.  Please feel free to look around the site and enjoy.  If there is some lifestyle related resource that you can’t find please ask.

A good place to start is to click on the Living Well Way of Life tab.  From there you will find links to all the fundamental health principles you need to know.  If you want to know about all that this site has to offer and how to access it you can go the Membership Options page.